Gangaur Festival: The Most Celebrated Festival of Rajasthan

Gangaur festival is celebrated in Rajasthan and is one of the most important and popular festivals of Rajasthan. The festival is celebrated to honor the Goddess Parvati where both married and unmarried women take part in the festival. Married women worship for the good health and long living of their husbands while unmarried worship to be blessed with an ideal husband. The places where Gangaur festival takes part on a large scale are Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, and Nathdwara. Explore more of these cities of Rajasthan along with immersion into the bliss of festivity with Rajasthan tour packages.


The married and unmarried women take part in the festival with full enthusiasm and energy. During the festival idols of Parvati and Lord Shiva are beautifully adorned and the festival continues for 18 days. Women dress in bright clothes; apply henna on feet and palms as it is a part of Indian tradition. The women sing the folk music, go door to door carrying earthen pots and collect cash, oil, jaggery sweet, ghee that is broken on the last day of the festival and then debris into the well or tank is done.

The festival gives the glimpse of the colorful side or Rajasthan which attracts thousands of visitors every year. The festival reflects the religious and faith of the people. On the second day of the festival parents of the married women send gifts, jewelry, clothes and other decorative items to their home. The festival lets the visitors witness the different rituals, traditions of the state during the festive season when people celebrate the festival in a spring festive mood. The procession of the bands and horses add charm and attractive look to the colorful festival. The last day of the festival is celebrated by the immersion of the clay idols in water.


There are many tour packages of the festival which can be booked with any registered traveling service provider or authorized Rajasthan tour operators. Book Gujarat tour with Rajasthan to book the tour as soon as possible for the exciting and fascinating journey of the two most culturally rich states of India. The tour will surely be the most memorable and unforgettable lifelong experience and can be further customized as per the requirement.

Love Spicy: Enjoy street food walk in Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The city with its wonderful architectural marvels attracts a number of tourists from all over the globe and forms an opulent part of Rajasthan Luxury Tour Packages. Moreover, the hospitality and warmth of the people have increased the fondness of the place among the tourists. There is nothing about Jaipur that is not attractive – the vibrant culture, elaborate traditions, refined architecture, bustling markets, galactic festivities and fairytale palaces – everything is so endearing that encourages the quest to explore this land.golden-triangle-tour-with-street-food

Jaipur is a land of valor and grandeur has showcases not only the essence of Rajasthan but exhibits the charm of India Well and hence an ebullient city of Golden Trio, and can be explored under Golden triangle tour 6 days. Not only the culture and history but the cuisine of the Pink City should also be paid the same attention as much as the other things.  The Rajasthani cuisine with its distinct flavors carves a place in hearts of everyone who tastes it. From sweet to savory, the several varieties of the dishes serve all types of palates. golden-triangle-tour-with-street-food-India

Kick start your morning with staple breakfast of Jaipur that is Kachori available in two variants of dal & pyaz and served with mint and tamarind chutney. Although it is quite spicy for foreign palates, it never fails to amaze them. For lunch, you can savor upon the world famous dish of Dal Baati Churma and I am sure you won’t get enough of it. Don’t forget to relish the lip-smacking street food of Jaipur while on the heritage tour of Rajasthan and exploring the fascinating monuments of the Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar and City Palace. Get yourself a glass of Lassi or Jaljeera to quench your thirst in the sunny climate of the town.

While at the heart of the city you should also try authentic sweets of Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar and the famous Matka Kulfi. The best place to spend an evening and have dinner would be Chokhi Dhani where you will be served a range of Rajasthani dishes and you can also enjoy live performances of folk dancers and musicians marking a perfect end to your day in this beautiful Pink City. So confirm your Royal Rajasthan tour package and set off an expedition to this land which has so much to explore.


Rural Rajasthan: A close touch with the real heritage

The Indian state of Rajasthan is an important tourist destination in the country. A land of Royals and opulence, Rajasthan never fails to mesmerize the tourist and is a destination which must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Imagine dusty and barren landscape, men with mustaches and turbans, women in colorful skirts and veil all in the backdrop of a rural setting – this is rural Rajasthan. Away from the hustle-bustle of the cities here, you will experience peace which is quite rare in the big cities under Rajasthan Tour Packages.


Tourists explore rural Rajasthan to discover the land and hospitality of natives which has already gained popularity worldwide, as the remote areas exhibit the true essence of Rajasthan. In best Rajasthan Tour Packages, Rural Rajasthan tour packages are among the most favored as it is in rural Rajasthan that you get close touch with the real heritage. Most of the villages of Rajasthan have been ruled by the lowest level hierarchy of royalty and are held in high esteem alike erstwhile kingdoms. Towns like Samode, Narlai, Neemrana, Bundi, Rohet, and Deogarh have beautiful mansions and palaces, some of which have been so magnificent that they have been converted into the luxurious heritage resort.

The villages display architectural richness and the mansions are elaborately decorated with colorful paintings and other indigenous artwork that look really pleasant. Even the normal rural households are decorated with wall paintings and ‘mandna’ which suggests that in spite of such adverse climate people are zealous and enthusiastic.  There is so much to do and explore in the rural areas such as camel riding, jeep safari, relishing the cuisine and observing the traditions and customs of the people.  The charm of these villages will leave you spellbound that you will cherish the lifetime.


A tour to these hamlets of Rajasthan will give you an insight of the people and their simplicity. Tour to the rural Rajasthan with the insights of Gujrat under best Gujarat Tour Packages is increasingly becoming popular among the tourists, both domestic and international where they can Discover the real heritage of Rajasthan along with catching the glimpses of rich culture of Gujarat  and spend your vacations in peace and tranquility away from the fast-paced modern day lives of the cities and get a close touch with real heritage.


Enjoy Jeep Safari to Explore Village Life in Rajasthan Tour

Villages are the best place to be away from the past faced life and to get a break from the routine life away from the traffic and stressful life of the cities and have a rejuvenating experience in the rural villages of Rajasthan. Royal Rajasthan Travel Packages offers an opportunity to the travel lovers who want to explore the village life of Rajasthan through Jeep Safari. The Village tour is full of adventure where one can witness the daily life of villagers, interact with the locals, get to know about their traditions and culture and their lifestyle. Rajasthan village tour gives you glimpse of ancient India where the visitors witness the rural delights which are gifts of glorify ancient era to us so that we can capture the moments of the villages in and around Rajasthan.Rajasthan-Tour-Package

The villages of Rajasthan are Khuri, Samode, Bijaipur and Bishnoi which give the real feel of village and offers the most fascinating and exciting experience. Khuri village offers Camel Safari to explore the local areas and one can also opt for Jeep Safari to mingle with the localities. The houses are made of straw and thatched straws and it will be an enjoyable experience to spend the time in such houses. Bijaipur village is situated in the foothills of Vindhyachal range where people enjoy bird watching in the nearby lakes or streams, take yoga classes and Horse safari. Samode Village takes you on the cruise to witness the real traditions and culture through Jeep Safari where the beautifully painted wall, ceilings, folk music played by villagers with unique and enthralling instruments is mesmerizing.  Bishnoi village is known for the tribe which is known for its animal and plant conservation and they prevent soil erosion by planting fodder for their cattle and have great knowledge of many arts like clay art and block printing work.


Book Rajasthan tour Packages online and explore the village life which gives the real feeling of the ancient era. The tour gives the glimpse of the rustic charm and the enchanting beauty of the sand dunes, mountain range and lifestyle of the villagers. Best Rajasthan tour packages offered by the Royal Rajasthan Tour Packages is village tour of Rajasthan which can be further customized as per the requirements and it will be memorable and lifelong experience tour.

Golden Triangle Tour India: A dream comes true for art lovers

Golden Triangle Tour is a dream for art lovers where the culture and tradition of India are represented through the art and craft. The influence of various arts and styles can be seen in the monuments of the diverse nation where each state represents its unique style and art. Golden Triangle Tour comprises the capital city Delhi, Mughal city Agra and vibrant capital city of Jaipur of Rajasthan.

In Rajasthan Tour Packages, Jaipur is the perfect place to know about the culture and art where the historic art, modern art has been preserved in the institutes like Jawahar Kala Kendra, Kalani, Kalani and many more and due to this Jaipur has become the art hub for the tourist and is the most preferred tourist destination across the globe amongst all. Jaipur has several historical monuments to dive in the glorious past like Amer Fort reflecting the Rajput architectural style, grand city palace where Mubarak Mahal is converted into the museum which preserves the costumes, royal items, weaponry of the royal family, Jantar Mantar an astronomical observatory, Jal Mahal and Hawa Mahal known for its small-sized lattice windows.

Delhi is scattered with many historical monuments and art galleries which make it the hub for art lovers. National Gallery of modern art is managed by the ministry of culture displaying the various art transformations in the last years of visual and plastic art. Art Positive is filled with a large number of art pieces, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Nature Morte displaying variety of contemporary art forms, Art Heritage Gallery promoting modern art, Delhi Art Gallery showcasing 20th-century artwork and many other galleries. Delhi is also known for its history where the historical monuments like Red Fort, Jama Masjid, India Gate, Qutub Minar narrates the tales of rich and colorful past.

Agra reflects the Mughal architectural styles in its monuments and is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Tajmahal was built using pure white marbles located on the bank of river Yamuna, Agra Fort lying parallel to river Yamuna comprises many palaces inside it and reflects the brilliant skills of the craftsman of the bygone era.

Book the Golden Triangle Tour under the Rajasthan Tour Package where one can witness the art skills, crafts, lifestyle, culture, heritage and history of the bygone era. Embark on the art tour of the Golden Triangle cities of India and customize the tourist destinations as per the requirement, time, budget and interest.

Book Rajasthan Tour Package to Enjoy Camel Ride

Camel is an amazing humpy creature found in the desert areas of Rajasthan like Jaisalmer and Bikaner. Rajasthan the land of kings offers various fun and adventurous activities and Camel Safari is one them. Traversing the semi-arid area of desert on the bank of Camel Safari is a fantastic and spectacular experience to witness the beautiful Thar Desert and rural Rajasthan. The wide stretches of the sand dunes, the mesmerizing sunset view with the sand changing its color, night camping, Rajasthani cuisine with the stars gazing towards you along with folk dance will be an unforgettable experience for you. The real beauty of the sand dunes can be enjoyed when embarked on the cruise of the back of the Camel.

Jaisalmer also known as “Golden City of Rajasthan” due to its yellow sand stone architectures which are Jaisalmer Fort- India’s living Fort and many beautiful Havelis like Nathmal ji ki Haveli, Salim Singh ki Haveli, Patwon ki Haveli known for its beautiful paintings and mirror work. The Rajasthan tour operators will take the visitors the Thar Desert around Jaisalmer which are large sand dunes with little vegetation of shrubs, cactus and camel trees. Tourist can explore the local rural areas on the back of Camel and interact with the villagers to know about their lifestyle and culture. The Camel safari is interesting and can get an insight of another side of Indian culture and heritage.

Bikaner is also famous for offering the best Camel Safari in Rajasthan and is the National Camel Research centers in Rajasthan where different types of Camels are kept and research is done on the Camels. The research center offers Camel ride and ice creams made of the milk of Camels. Camel safari is the exclusive way to explore the villages of Bikaner which will be an unique and wonderful experience of lifetime.

Book Rajasthan Tour Package to Enjoy Camel Ride and with that one can choose the tourist destinations of Rajasthan from the holiday packages of Rajasthan. Embark on the cruise on the back of Camel to get a glimpse of the rural lifestyle, and colorful culture of the sand dunes of Bikaner and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. The Camel ride with the other holiday destinations will be an enthralling, fascinating and lifelong experience.



Ayurvedic Tour with Golden Triangle Tour

Ayurveda is a complete health package when it comes to healthy diet and lifestyle that keeps your body and soul afresh and rejuvenated. It imparts about the healthy life using diet and with breathing exercise called Yoga which has now become a global name. Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that deals with the personal health status and tells us the ways to restore, maintain and upgrade based on the principles of Vedic metaphysics. The Ayurveda Tour will give you a spiritual and blissful experience.

India is a perfect place for enjoying the vital aspects of Ayurveda and yoga. Rishikesh is an ancient Hindu pilgrimage site located on the foothills of Himalayas and bank of River Ganga. The Ayurvedic Tour with Golden Triangle Tour allows you to visit some of the finest centers of Ayurvedic medicine that rejuvenate your mind and body form the daily stress of daily chaos. Along with that you will witness the voyage of history, culture and heritage of incredible India in the cities connected by the Golden Triangle circuit which are Delhi, Agra and Jaipur and are the most preferred tourist destination.

Delhi the capital city of India reflects the rich heritage culture of India and the deep imprints of past through its historical monuments. Red Fort, Lotus Temple, India Gate, Qutub Minar and Rajghat are some of the attractions of Delhi.

Jaipur gives you glimpse of the royal lifestyle in its facades and cuisines. City Palace stores the items of the royal families in Mubarak Mahal and one of its parts is still part of residence of the royal family. Amer Fort offers you enthralling Elephant ride, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal also known as “Palace of Wind” was built for royal ladies and Nahargarh Fort are some of the tourist attractions of Jaipur. Agra reflects the architectural skills of Mughals in its artifacts that are Agra fort lying parallel to river Yamuna, Tajmahal one of the Seven Wonders of the World and Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah.

The tour takes you on a cruise of the historical monuments of the Golden Triangle cities along with the wellness and health care Ayurvedic tour in Rishikesh which tells you the aspects of healthy lifestyle. Book your tour with the best tour operator and customize your tour as per your interest.

Rajasthan Budgeted Tour

Rajasthan is the most popular and preferred tourist destination. Many national and international tourist come to visit and explore the monuments of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is pocket-friendly and is a great place to come if you are on a budget as there are various hotels of good standards that are available at cheap rates. Car Rental and taxi services are available from the car rental services that will make your tour in your budget.

In Jaipur, you can visit the forts and Palaces to get a glimpse of the grandeur of royal life like Amer Fort, City Palace, and Hawa Mahal. Elephant ride is provided for the tourist in Amer Fort so that they can feel the royal life. Visit the parks for the scenic beauty or buy some lovely handicraft products available in the local market at souvenirs prices.

Golden-triangle-Tour -with-Rajasthan

Visit Pushkar to view the great culture, colorfully dressed people, and camels. It is a fascinating holy city which attracts thousands of pilgrims. You will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul when you visit the temples in the city. The Vedic chanting, art creates a magic in the aura of the surrounding. Visit Brahma Temple, Savitri Devi Temple and take a dip in the Pushkar Lake as it is believed that it removes all your sins.

Travelling to Rajasthan is not only but also a pocket-friendly affair that can be easily achieved and experienced by hiring budgeted Rajasthan tour service provider who provided a budgeted accommodation without compromising service quality along with budgeted Rajasthan car rental services which aid in easy and smooth conveyance facility.


Make a visit Junagarh Fort, Camel Breeding farm, Gajner Palace located in the bank of Gajner Lake which was the hunting ground for the royal people and Karni Mata Temple. Jaisalmer is a beautiful desert city where one can witness Jaisalmer Fort which shines like gold when sun rays fall on it, enjoy Camel Safari in the sand dunes, witness mesmerizing sunset view and explore the intricately carved exotic Havelis like Salim Singhji ki Haveli and Nathmal Ji ki Haveli. The trip will be memorable, enjoyable, hassle free and will also light your pockets at all the places provide you a comfortable stay at your budget.

Rajasthan: A Perfect Experience of Royal Culture & Heritage


The princely state Rajasthan is a whimsical deserted land of India. Lying in the northern region amidst the Thar Desert, the land gloriously boasted the legends of erstwhile Maharajas. A hub of royal architectural brilliance and exotic wildlife, Rajasthan surely steal the thunder of other Indian states.

Rajasthan Tour packages a perfect blend of heritage sites, relishing cuisines, vivacious outfits, and majestic culture attracts a lot of visitors from all around of the world to experience the royal legacy the state inherits.

From Jaipur’s Elephant ride of the massive fort of Amber to the jeep safari to witness the elusive tigers of Ranthambore, from the distinctive golden fort of the golden city Jaisalmer to the second longest wall of Kumbhalgarh Fort , from the splendid grandeur of City Palace Of Udaipur to the beautiful wall paintings of the Samode Palace, from the splendid assortment of courtyard and terraces of Junagarh Fort of Bikaner to the  detailed carvings of the Brahma temple of Ajmer, Rajasthan holds the beauty in every bit of it.

Apart from the astonishing architectural prowess of erstwhile rulers, Rajasthan is an abode of various endangered and exotic wildlife species. Ranthambore National park is associated with the Project Tiger Reserve, an Initiative of Indian Government. Various migratory birds can be witnessed at Sariska and Keola Deo wildlife sanctuaries.

The Rajasthan’s Daal Bhati Churma, a traditional dish is famous worldwide for its sweet and spicy flavors’. The culturally rich state hides the most distinct flavors in its exquisite cuisines.

The deserted state is a riot of colors which can easily be witnessed while shopping in Rajasthan.  The blue pottery, the embroidered fabrics, gems, and jewels, the vibrant footwears, the miniatures, the artifacts and whatnot, Rajasthan market has it all. From the local vendor to the high rated shops, you can find almost everything here. Moreover, the hospitality of the locals is a total add-on while Rajasthan Heritage tour.

  • Rajasthan Tour Packages gives you a brief description of all the places but even the combination of thousand words is less to describe the eternal beauty of the princely state. “Jaane kab kya dikh jaye” a line used by Rajasthan tourism aptly describes Rajasthan and its incredible unpredictability.